Can you help promote equality? Donate now.

Help us spread the message

We have positive Facebook Ads ready to go, but it costs us money to share these across Christian audiences on Facebook. Can you help us spread a message of love, inclusion and equality?

  • $20 will help us reach 2000 people
  •  will help us reach 5,000 people
  •  will help us reach 10,000 people
  •  will help us reach 25,000 people
  •  will help us reach 50,000 people

(Note: some funds will go towards other costs of the campaign, such as web hosting)

But first, support vulnerable LGBTIQ+ youth

Before donating to share our message, please first donate to Twenty10, a counselling service provider supporting vulnerable young LGBTIQ+ people who are hurting because of this unnecessary and often angry public debate.


Note: funds for Australian Christians for Marriage Equality are being handled by Paddington Uniting Church, a congregation with a decades-long ministry of inclusion to LGBTI people and an active supporter of our campaign. 100% of funds raised will be spent on the campaign for marriage equality.